Affirmations For A Successful Life

I am now attracting success in my life.
Every day in every way I am becoming more and more successful.
Success follows me wherever I go.
My life is filled with success after success.
I deserve to be successful and I accept it now.
I have a wonderful, successful life.
I am worthy of success.
I am wealthy and successful.
I have a successful attitude towards life.
I have positive beliefs about success.
I attract success into my life.
I choose to be successful.
Success is my birthright and I manifest it now.
My success makes me feel happy and content.
I am a success magnet.
My mind is focused on attracting success into my life.
Every day brings more success into my life.
My relationships are a success.
Everything I do brings me even more success.
I always achieve everything I set out to do.
I am surrounded by successful, positive people.
I am a winner, I am successful.
I know that I have what it takes to be a great success.
I have the power to succeed in whatever I do.
I am very capable of success.
My business grows more successful every day.
I am successfully achieving all of my goals.
Success is drawn to me every day.
I am confident in my ability to be successful.
I am the owner of a very successful business.
I give thanks for the abundant success in my life.
Whatever I focus my mind on, I achieve.
Success follows me wherever I go.
My energy radiates success and prosperity.
I know my future will be successful.
I always make the right choices in my life.
I expect success and it flows into my life easily.
I feel successful and confident.
I am the secret to my success.
The universe guides me from one successful situation to another.