Affirmations For Abundance In Life

A constant stream of abundance flows towards me.
Every day I discover new ways to become more abundant.
I give thanks for the abundance in my life every day.
Abundance flows into my life easily and effortlessly.
Every day in every way I am feeling more abundant.
I accept the flow of abundance into my life.
My mind is focused on abundance and that is what I attract every day.
I am a powerful abundance magnet.
I allow abundance to flow freely in all areas of my life.
The universe supplies exactly what I need, whenever I need it.
I deserve abundance in my life and I accept it now.
I bless the limitless abundance in my life.
I have an infinite supply of abundance in every aspect of my life.
My abundance is constantly increasing.
There is a continuous stream of abundance flowing into my life.
The universe is abundant and has enough for everyone.
I claim my right to be abundant.
My life is overflowing with abundance and prosperity.
It is ok for me to be abundant.
I rejoice in the prospect of unlimited abundance and prosperity.
I live in a rich and abundant universe.
I have a positive attitude towards abundance.
Abundance comes to me in more ways than I can imagine.
My belief in abundance grows on a daily basis.
I am worthy of receiving abundance.
I give myself permission to enjoy the abundance in my life.
I am creating more and more of what I want every day in effortless ways.
I am creating more experiences that generate feelings of joy.
I am open to receiving an abundance of wealth, health and happiness.
I love the exciting opportunities of wealth and abundance that come my way.