Affirmations For Career

I am actively seeking the perfect career for me.
I accept new career opportunities now.
I deserve to have a successful career.
I am now attracting the perfect career to match my talents.
My new job brings joy and satisfaction into my life.
The universe is manifesting my ideal job and I accept it now.
Fantastic career opportunities present themselves to me.
My ideal job is coming to me right now.
I am incredibly fulfilled in my career.
My job offers me complete creative freedom.
I have an excellent relationship with my work colleagues.
Every day in every way my career is getting more successful.
My job has fantastic perks.
My career is growing in leaps and bounds.
I now have a wonderful job that I love.
I always make a great impression at any interview I attend.
I have the greatest job in the world for me.
I always find job hunting easy and successful.
I have a rewarding job that pays me very well.
I always make the best career choices for me.
I am confident that my ideal job is just around the corner.
I am so happy and grateful for my successful career.
I work the right amount of hours to suit my needs.
I have an exciting and enjoyable career.