Affirmations For Exercise

I am willing to accept exercise as part of my daily routine.
Exercise makes me feel healthier and healthier.
My body is becoming more fit every day.
I am naturally motivated to get into shape.
The more I exercise the more motivated I become.
I am totally focused on getting my body in shape.
My body is firm and toned.
I deserve to have a firm and toned body.
I love exercise, it makes me feel exhilarated.
I am finding it easier to motivate myself to exercise.
It feels great when I exercise regularly and look after myself.
Keeping my body healthy and fit is extremely important to me.
I love the feeling I get when I finish my workout.
Being fit and healthy is one of the main priorities in my life.
My body feels more slim and lighter each time I exercise.
Every day my body becomes stronger and leaner.
Every day my body becomes slimmer and fit.
I am always looking for new fun ways to stay healthy and fit.
I always have a bounce in my step after I exercise.
Exercise energizes my body and revitalizes my mind.
Each time I exercise I build more muscle and burn more fat.
Exercise makes my body feel strong and powerful.
Every day I love exercise more and more.
I always find the time to exercise.
Each time I exercise, I am closer to achieving my ideal weight.