Affirmations For Family

My parents accept and love me for who I am.
My parents express their love for me in the best way they know how.
I understand my parents have a past and are doing the best they know how.
My siblings and I support and love each other.
I am a member of a loving, supportive family.
I know my family are there for me if I ever need them.
I receive unconditional love from my family.
I always experience positive situations with my family.
My brother/sister and I are taking the time to build on our relationship.
I deserve to have a happy family life and I accept it now.
My family allow me the freedom to be the person I want to be.
My family always encourage and support me.
I am so grateful for the lessons my parents have taught me.
My family and I always make time for one another.
Every day I give thanks for my wonderful family.
Everyone in my family is healthy and happy.
I always look forward to spending quality time with my family.
I am considerate of my family’s feelings.
I am very close to my family.
My family demonstrate their love for me in infinite ways, as I do them.
I really enjoy family get-togethers and the fun we have.
I am so proud to belong to my lovely family.
I listen carefully when a member of my family needs me.
I have an infinite amount of patience with my family.
I have made peace with my mother/father.
I help my family whenever I can.
I love bringing joy and happiness into the lives of my family.
I love my family with all my heart.
I only think loving, positive thoughts about my family.
I show compassion and empathy to each member of my family.