Affirmations For Happiness

I attract happiness into my life.
Happiness follows me wherever I go.
I choose to be happy now.
I wake up each morning and choose to be happy.
I am brimming with happiness and positivity.
I radiate happiness, joy and beauty.
Feeling happy is my divine right.
I put myself in situations that make me feel happy.
I deserve to be happy.
It is ok to be happy.
All aspects of my life are happy and joyful.
Thinking happy, positive thoughts attract happy positive experiences in my life.
I love feeling happy.
I have an optimistic outlook on life.
My soul resonates with joy and happiness.
I become more happy every day.
I am surrounded by happy optimistic people.
Every day brings me great joy.
I choose to follow my bliss.
I am a happy go-lucky person.
I always make time to experience joy.
I always smile at people and act in a friendly manner.
I am happy and content with my life.
I am happy and grateful for everything I have in my life.
I am happy and grateful for every person in my life.
I choose to spread happiness wherever I go.
I am ready to have a happy perspective on life.
I am very happy to be me.
Happiness is there for the taking.
I embrace happiness with love and gratitude.
Happiness is my birthright and I accept it now.
I enjoy laughing and having fun.
I choose to create a life filled with joy and happiness.
I feel happy and content as I go about my day.
I find joy and happiness in the simple things in life.
I always try to make other people happy.
I always find reasons to be happy.
I know that happiness is a choice and I practice it every day.
I acknowledge that true happiness comes from within.
I love sharing my joy and happiness with others.