Affirmations For Healthy Hair And Nails

I have healthy, shiny hair.
My hair is growing in a healthy way.
I love my silky, shiny hair.
My hair is easily manageable.
My hair grows longer every day.
Each day my hair becomes silkier and more luscious.
I think beautiful thoughts about my hair and it shows.
People always comment on how beautiful my hair looks.
I am blessed with beautiful, luscious hair.
I am very proud of my hair.
I feel more handsome/attractive every day.
I deserve to look and feel fantastic.
I deserve to have healthy hair and I accept it now.
My hair cells are healthy and strong.
My scalp is healthy and strong.
I have naturally healthy hair.
My hair grows easily and rapidly.
I love taking great care of my hair.
I have soft, silky, luscious hair.
My hair is long, healthy and grows very quickly.
My hairstyle suits my face perfectly.
My scalp is well nourished by healthy blood circulation.
My hair grows more full every day.
I am free from nail biting.
I have the power to control my nail biting.
My nails are naturally strong.
I am in control of my habits.
My fingernails become stronger every day.
My fingernails are a beautiful shape.
I deserve healthy, strong nails and I accept them now.