Affirmations For Life

I love life and all the joy it brings.
I thank God for giving me the precious gift of life.
I accept that life can be filled with happiness and joy.
My life is filled with positive situations.
Every moment in my life is filled with great joy.
Every day in every way my life is getting better and better.
Every day my life becomes more fun.
I am high on life.
I cherish my wonderful life.
I now choose to believe that my life can get better.
I embrace life.
My life is a joyous adventure.
My life is one happy situation after another.
My life is full of joyful surprises.
Abundant joy blesses my life every day.
I choose to change my thoughts.
I choose to create a happy life for myself.
Life is meant to be easy and I accept it now.
I live life to the full.
I love being me.
I am beginning to live my life to the fullest.
I love life and life loves me.
Life always deals me an easy hand and I always choose to accept it.
I recognize that my life has true meaning.
I have the deepest respect and love for life.
The universe blesses my life with miracles every day.
I am so grateful to my parents for giving me the gift of life.
I deliberately create a happy life for myself.
I am manifesting the life of my dreams.
My life is filled with positive, successful, happy people.