Affirmations For Marriage

I am excited about marriage and am ready for it now.
I am open to marriage and I am attracting my perfect partner now.
I am divinely guided in my search for my perfect partner.
I believe in the sanctity of marriage.
I am in a happy, harmonious marriage.
____________ & I respect our marriage and each other.
My partner and I are extremely happy in our marriage.
My marriage is a joyous union of love and laughter.
I love and deeply appreciate my marriage.
I am devoted to my spouse.
I adore being married.
Every day in every way our marriage is growing stronger and stronger.
I am in a loyal, trustworthy marriage.
My marriage is sacred to me and I cherish every minute of it.
My wedding day was the best day of my life.
I am planning the most beautiful, fabulous wedding.
I enable my husband/wife to enjoy his/her freedom when he/she needs it.
My husband/wife and I are open and sharing with each other.
My marriage brings me infinite joy and happiness.
I am confident in my marriage.
My husband/wife and I communicate in a calm, healthy way.
My husband/wife and I have an equal say in making decisions in our lives.
I believe in my partner, he/she is a wonderful person.
My husband/wife and I understand each other’s needs.
I pay attention to my spouse’s needs.
I always focus on the positive things in my marriage.
I always appreciate the little things my husband/wife does.
I love my spouse with all my heart.
We love each other just the way we are.
Our marriage is healthy and happy.
My marriage grows more passionate every day.
I always speak to my spouse with the utmost respect.
My husband/wife and I have a very healthy sex life.
I love spending time with my spouse.
My husband/wife and I always make time for each other.
I am a loving, faithful wife/husband.
I am blissfully married.
I am immensely grateful for my marriage.
My marriage is filled with laughter and fun times.
I am passionate about keeping my marriage alive and exciting.
I am committed to making my marriage work.
I appreciate my partner’s romantic, thoughtful gestures and return the same.
I fully support my husband/wife’s career.
I have now found my perfect partner.
I love showing my wife/husband how much I love them.
I trust my partner completely.
It still feels like love at first sight when I look at my husband/wife.
My husband/wife is my best friend.
I express my love for my husband/wife on a regular basis and it is returned to me multiplied.
My husband/wife and I bring out the best in each other.