Affirmations For Memory

I always remember people’s names with ease.
I have a masterful memory.
I am able to recall any information I need.
I love and respect my brain and the wonderful job it does every day.
I am able to easily remember small details.
My memory is getting better every day.
I am so grateful for my fantastic memory.
I easily recall the events of my past.
I completely trust my memory to provide information when I need it.
I have a photographic memory when it comes to books I read.
I always remember my dreams in clear detail.
I have an excellent memory for numbers. i find it incredibly easy to remember people’s faces.
I remember facts easily.
My memory is improving with every passing day.
My ability to remember past experiences improves every day.
I recall information easily and effortlessly.
I remember everything I learn in college/university.
I love exercising my memory.
I retrieve information from memory with total ease.