Affirmations For Money

I now choose to accept money into my life.
I deserve to be wealthy and I accept wealth now.
Large sums of money come to me in many ways.
My mind is focused on wealth and abundance.
I am attracting money into my life on a daily basis.
I am very lucky when it comes to money.
I love being able to spend money on anything I want.
I trust in the universe to provide me with enough money for all my needs.
I believe there is enough money in the universe for everyone.
I choose to be rich and wealthy.
I understand and respect money.
I manifest wealth in fun and surprising ways.
Every day in every way I am getting wealthier and wealthier.
I feel comfortable about possessing large sums of money.
I feel more and more comfortable around money every day.
My financial security grows every day.
I trust in the good that money can bring.
Financial freedom comes to me easily and effortlessly.
I love being able to spend money on my family and friends.
Having financial abundance enables me to help other people.
My inner child is wealthy and abundant.
I effortlessly attract money into my life.
Everything I touch turns to gold.
I always have more than enough money.
I feel secure knowing that I can afford what I want.
My thoughts about money are always positive.
I regularly come across great financial opportunities.
I believe in my ability to make money.
Having money makes me smile.
I have a positive bank balance at all times.
Every day is a wealthy day.
Being wealthy brings me joy and happiness.
I believe I have the right to be rich.
I am wealthy, I am wealthy, I am wealthy.
I am rich beyond my wildest dreams.
My financial dreams are coming true.
I trust that the universe will always provide me with more money than I need.
I deserve to be prosperous.
I always meet my financial goals.
I allow myself to be wealthy.
I give myself permission to spend money on myself.
I earn more money than I need to spend.
I am a money magnet.
I deserve to have financial freedom.
Money follows me wherever I go.
My wallet is always full of money.
I always attract lucrative situations in my life.
I really enjoy making money.
Having plenty of money is my divine right.
My income is constantly increasing.