Affirmations For Parents

I am a patient and understanding parent.
I am a responsible and kind parent.
I am a great Mom/Dad.
I always act responsibly around my children.
I am sensitive towards my families’ needs.
I am so grateful for my beautiful, healthy children.
I have a loving relationship with my children.
I am very proud of my children.
I am open and affectionate with my children.
I understand my children’s needs.
I allow my children to grow up and be their own person.
I give all my children equal amounts of my time.
I do everything possible to encourage my children to reach their goals.
I encourage any talent my child displays.
I teach my children manners and respect.
I praise my children every day for the wonderful people they are.
I have total confidence in my ability as a parent.
I have complete confidence in my ability to raise happy children.
I have a positive influence on my children.
I create a happy, loving home for my children to grow up in.
I help my children whenever they ask.
I always include my children in any important family decisions.
I inspire my children to be the best they can be.
I love creating fun and laughter with my children.
I instil positive beliefs in my children.
I encourage my children to be positive and optimistic.
My partner and I always agree on what is best for our children.
I enjoy a peaceful, harmonious life with my children.
My family always come first in my life.
My children and I always communicate with each other.
I teach my children to always be respectful to others.
I take an active interest in my children’s education.
My children and I enjoy each other’s company.
I strive to be the best parent I can be.
I love spending quality time with my children.
I send light and love to my children every day.
I am empowered by the love I receive from my children.
Every day in every way my relationship with my children is getting better and better.
I have a very strong bond with my children.
My children enrich my life in magical ways.