Affirmations For Peace

I feel divine well-being and peace flow through my body.
I choose peace and calm.
People feel peaceful and calm around me.
I have a calm, relaxed personality.
I act in a calm and peaceful way in any situation.
I am a channel for peace and serenity.
I make time for meditation every day.
I let go of any worry and trust that everything will be ok.
I choose to feel peaceful and at ease.
I have a peaceful home environment.
I radiate peace and love out to others and it comes back to me multiplied.
I live in the present moment and enjoy it completely.
I trust in the process of life.
I am at peace.
Feelings of peace and tranquillity radiate through my body.
I feel calm and relaxed.
All my muscles are becoming more and more relaxed.
My mind is quiet and peaceful.
I inhale peace and harmony and exhale any tension in my body.
Feelings of calm and relaxation energize my body.
With every passing day I am feeling calmer and calmer.
My inner child is centered and at peace.
I am at peace with all my family and friends.
I allow myself to feel calm and relaxed.
A peaceful feeling washes over me.
I find time every day to quiet my mind.
I am beginning to feel more peaceful with each passing day.
I allow peace and serenity to exist in all areas of my life.
I am at peace with my past.
I remain calm and composed in all situations.
I am cool, calm and collected.
I am in complete harmony with my surroundings.
My peaceful mind is a reflection of my clutter-free, organized home.
I feel relaxed and energized every day.
I choose to accept a calmer, more relaxed approach to life.
I feel tranquil, calm and totally relaxed.
I can easily relax my mind and body.
I choose to feel happy and relaxed throughout my day.
I feel more content every day.
I am blessed with peace of mind.
Peace and harmony surround and protect me.
My body feels completely at ease.
I instil feelings of calm in others.
My life is blessed with peace and serenity.
My mind is filled with peaceful thoughts.