Affirmations For Strength

I have the strength and determination to get me to the place I deserve to be.
My strength grows stronger every day.
The universe gives me the strength to pursue my dreams.
I am a strong, powerful person.
I have the courage and strength to manifest the life of my dreams.
I have more than enough strength to achieve my goals.
I am a tower of strength and courage.
My past experiences have made me the strong person I am today.
I am a focused and determined individual.
I can face any situation that comes my way.
I have fantastic willpower and determination.
I am in control of my life.
I trust in my inner strength.
My inner strength grows stronger every day.
I am prepared to take on any challenge, knowing I will be successful in everything I do.
I am a strong, capable person, capable of achieving great things.
I am ready to use my talents to create positive changes in my life.
I have the strength to stand my ground and make my own decisions.
I release any fear of failure.
I summon up the courage and strength to face my fears.
I am strong enough to be myself.
I give and receive strength every day.
I feel the strongest I have felt in a long time.
It’s ok to have strong opinions and to voice them.
I feel emotionally and mentally strong.
I have great moral courage and strength.
I breathe in strength and courage.
I have the power to create feelings of joy, happiness and abundance.
I manifest perfect health and strength.
I focus on my inner strength and power.