Affirmations For Weight Loss

I choose to be healthy.
I am the perfect weight for me.
I let go of any negative beliefs I have about my body.
I always take care of my body.
I love healthy food.
My mind is focused on losing weight.
I am living a healthy lifestyle.
I love my slim, fit body.
I only eat healthy food.
I am motivated to lose weight.
I am finding it easier to live a healthy lifestyle.
I believe in my ability to lose weight.
I accept and love my body.
I have a naturally slim build.
I find it easy to stay in shape.
I love eating nourishing, healthy food.
I deserve to be healthy and slim.
I deserve to lose weight.
I always think positively about my weight.
I have a naturally healthy body and mind.
I am attracted to healthy food and drink.
I believe in myself and my ability to lose weight.
My body is getting slimmer every day.
I love being thin and healthy.
Losing body fat is easy and effortless for me.
My metabolism increases every day.
I can feel my body becoming slimmer.
It is easy for me to lose weight and keep it off.
My slim body makes me feel confident.
I have a high metabolism and am able to burn fat easily.
My body is a fat burning machine.
I am physically, emotionally and mentally balanced.
I am grateful for my health and physical fitness.
I am becoming more fit and stronger every day.
My body feels light and healthy.
I lose fat quickly and easily.
My energy and vitality increases every day.
My body’s cells renew themselves in a healthy way.
I love myself, I love my body.
I feel fantastic in my clothes.
I enjoy exercising several times a week.
I feel sexy and confident.
I have the power to lose weight.
I am willing to change my body.
I find it easy to burn fat.
I love and care for my body.
I deserve to be beautiful.
My body fulfils my every need.Losing weight comes naturally for me.
I am willing to change my eating habits.
I have a healthy attitude towards foods.
I am physically balanced and healthy.
I am proud of myself and my body.
I allow myself to be healthy and happy.
I love the taste of healthy food.
I look and feel great.
I am in control of how much I eat.
I am responsible for my health.
I am creating a body that is healthy and slim.
I am committed to losing weight.