Affirmations For Wisdom

My wisdom is a gift from God.
My intuition is increased because of my wisdom.
I am where I am supposed to be.
My life is guided by the divine principle.
My inner self always knows what path to take.
I open my heart to the wisdom and love of the universe.
I trust my inner wisdom.
I am wise and intelligent.
Divine wisdom flows freely into my life.
I am divinely guided in everything I do.
I possess infinite intelligence and I use it wisely.
I radiate wisdom and understanding.
I can face any challenge in life knowing that I have infinite wisdom.
I am centered and connected to my higher self.
I relax and allow my inner wisdom to radiate from me.
I am connected to source energy.
I trust my intuitive voice.
I allow universal wisdom to flow to me.
Every day in every way my intuition grows stronger and stronger.
I am one with myself.