How Talking Positively To Your Self Is a God Thing

Repeated Positive Self Talk Can Work Miracles

Changing & Affecting Your Habitual Thoughts, Behaviour, Outcomes & Eventually Your Subconscious Beliefs About Your Self

Scientists estimate we have over 50,000 thoughts a day.

Many of these are positive but usually most are negative.

What we say to ourselves (our self talk) reveals our deep beliefs about ourselves and reflects who we think we are and what we think we are capable of.

This self talk is not necessarily the whole truth, but it is, the only truth our subconscious believes in.

If your subconscious believes you are NOT successful, worthy, happy, likeable etc., then your not!

No matter what the reality is!

Because what your subconscious believes is true, is true, at least for you.

Our inner dialogue is mostly influenced by our subconscious and therefore not easily changed.

It is the ingrained thoughts that have been implanted at an early age and reinforced through repetition and experience.

A self fulfilling cycle that can be positive or negative.

Whether your an optimist or a pessimist you tend to be right most of the time.

That’s because you tend to manifest what you believe in.

In some mysterious way, if you believe things will turn out ok, they usually do, but if you believe they will be a disaster, once again they usually do.

It’s a mystery why this happens, but most people have had this experience at some time in their life.

Where they felt their attitude positively or negatively influenced an outcome.

Although they may glimpse the truth, unfortunately they either don’t know how to be an optimist or find it too difficult to become one.

Imagine there was a way you could adopt an optimistic outlook in life and break free from negative thinking.

Imagine the positive effects it would have in your life.

Imagine having a brighter outlook on life, increasing your self esteem, feeling greater vitality, improving your performance, gaining greater satisfaction from life as well as reducing stress and anxiety and improving your immune function.

Although it’s not fully clear why this is so, it is speculated that the benefits are widespread and tangible.

If nothing else positive thinking and self talk can put you into a more happy place.

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Implanting positive suggestions in such as way that they become one with the listener and are installed below the threshold of conscious awareness.

Before you know it you will find yourself quietly adopting and repeating these suggestions to yourself as if they were your own.

Because they have become internalized and part of your subconscious thought patterns.

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